I love to paint, and I love to generate and play with images. Art making for me is a form of self-discovery; my paintings are abstract landscapes of the mind, infused with the light of Maine's changing seasons and my own emotional weather. I use acrylic paint to make non-objective art, investigating form and color to create shapes that interact with and play off of one another. My visual inquiries create an intense and unique experience. Typically working on multiple pieces simultaneously. I use an intuitive but informed and purposeful approach. Without preliminary schemes or sketches, I manipulate, react and interact with what I see before me as the work progresses. I add or delete forms and colors while concentrating on the overall composition. The surprises that occur along the way help make my process interesting and exciting to me. My engagement with process is visceral, intense and quite physical. My paintings are human in scale and carry multiple meanings, in a fragmented, absurd world of their own. I probe the interactions between calligraphic markings, architectural references, plant forms, decorative flourishes and anthropomorphic images, all swirling and floating around in an unstable universe. Quirky, aesthetically engaging shapes and spaces may carry sociological or psychological meanings, or perhaps no significance at all. They may be anomic or funny or perverse, and sometimes may verge on the narrative I aspire to create work that is intriguing and even beautiful, with a strong visceral impulse tempered by a dry sense of humor, irony, and in spite of everything, a powerful sense of hope.